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The KeplerK ticket is the safest way to buy your bitcoins.
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Upon registration you will receive a wallet for each available cryptocurrency.

Disponible le 29 Mars
Disponible le 29 Mars
Support Center

Simple tools available to all have been put in place for the creation of your KeplerK account. If however you encounter difficulties, our technical support is available 24/7.

Call 36 20 and say "keplerk"
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  1. KEPLERK informs consumers of the risks associated with the purchase and sale of Crypto-Active, including bitcoin, whose volatility is proven.
  2. Crypto-actives, including bitcoin, are not materialized by any coin or note.
  3. In accordance with the regulatory provisions in force, and in particular Article L 561-2 7 ° bis of the Monetary and Financial Code, KEPLERK is subject to the obligations to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. As such, and in order to take full advantage of your Crypto-Active with KEPLERK, you will need to provide us with a copy of your identity document and a proof of address to identify you in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  4. The possession of this ticket implies the knowledge and prior acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, available on the website
  5. The credit of the value of this ticket on your electronic wallet, is called "wallet", is done through the mobile application KEPLERK or a computer with an internet connection on the site
  6. Il est rappelé que l’achat, la vente et l’investissement en Crypto-Actifs, parmi lesquels le bitcoin, s’effectuent à ce jour hors tout marché réglementé, et présentent ainsi des risques de pertes partielles ou totales liés à la volatilité des cours.
  7. Le portefeuille électronique, dit « wallet » qui contient vos Crypto-Actifs, parmi lesquels vos bitcoins, est soumis aux risques du piratage. Attention donc à bien verrouiller votre wallet sur l’application KEPLERK ainsi que vos outils informatiques. »